The Smarter Way To Manage Business Risk

Outsourcing Business Insurance Management And Risk

As a team of business risk specialists, we advise businesses in a way that usually only large corporations can afford.

We offer all the advantages of an in-house risk and insurance manager at a fraction of the cost.



A Strategic Safety Net

Do you struggle with insurance and business risk?

We take away the hassle of quotes, audits and claims, leaving you with peace of mind.


Your Guarantee.

As an Insurance Manager client, you can rest assured that we will take care of all your insurance needs. From the initial contact right through to renewal, we will be there when you need us.

We are confident in the quality of advice and service we provide for our clients and the difference it makes in helping you to focus on building your business; so much so that we are prepared to guarantee it.  CLICK HERE to see details of our guarantees.



What Our Clients Say

Our customers have given us a Net Promoter Score of 72 (April 2021) which is outstanding not only in our industry, but across other service sectors. You can find out more in our news page.




You can benefit from savings using our gamekeeper turned poacher approach. The tricks of the broking trade are used in your benefit to negotiate with brokers based on the realistic workload your risk represents to them.

Just because your premium is higher than someone else’s, doesn’t mean it is more complex or takes more time for a broker to process.  So why should you pay so much more and subsidise higher maintenance risks?



Did You Know?

Through the traditional broker model, for every £10000 you spend on insurance , up to £5300 of it could be broker commissions, and insurance tax.  Leaving as little as £4700 of it as real insurance costs.




Have you heard of the other earnings that some brokers have with insurers, which are not declared to you?  Growth Bonuses, Marketing Funds, Retention Bonuses, Over-ride payments, Profit Shares, Information Sharing Agreements and “pay to play” fees?  Ultimately these costs have to be incorporated into the overall cost of an insurance policy.   And whilst you are entitled to ask about the broker’s earnings, they will likely only be able to tell you about the commission rate attributed to the case. But there are often other earnings in the background with insurers.  By having an outsourced Insurance manager as your advisor, you can avoid these kind of integrated costs.


You deserve a service that reflects the amount of support you need, you may not be typical of the market average.



Buyers And Advisers, Not Brokers

For every £10,000 you spend in insurance, up to £4,700 can go on broker earnings and tax.

Our clients hire us at a fixed rate to deal with business risk issues.

We aren’t swayed by juicy commissions. *Any savings come to you.


What We Do

Doing The Legwork So You Don’t Have To

Save time, money and worry by leaving risk, insurance and building resilience to us.

We know all the tricks of brokers and insurance companies.

This means we negotiate from a strong position to secure the best package for you at the best price.



Secure The Savviest Solution

As independent buyers, we approach insurers and brokers on your behalf. We liaise with them to get the right result for you. And we negotiate broker fee and commission rebates on your behalf.


Take The Pressure Off Your Finance Team

It’s often assumed you can deal with insurance in-house. But risk is not just about the numbers.

By outsourcing to us, you can access specialist knowledge as and when you need it. Want actuarial-style review services? Self insurance? Claims reports or premium statistics? We’ve got you covered.



Run Tenders on your Behalf

We can run formal tender processes for risk management contracts. These can be run in line with your organisational and / or national procurement regulations.



Scan The Horizon

Managing risk needs to be done continually, not just at renewal time or the annual audit. We manage and advise throughout the lifecycle of your policies. Is there a chance those new suppliers or customers are putting you at risk? Don’t worry, we’ll check.


We're A Little Like...



Independent. Hassle-free. On Your Side.

Our talented team include risk, strategy & resilience experts.