Your Guarantee As An Insurance Manager Client

As an insurance manager client, you can rest assured that we will take care of all your insurance needs. From the initial contact right through to renewal, we will there when you need us.

We are confident in the quality of advice and service we provide for our clients and the difference it makes in helping you to focus on building your business; so much so that we are prepared to guarantee it.


Our guarantees to you are:


1. We will save you time on your insurance matters

We know by taking the onerous burden of finding insurance away, you will have more time to focus on growing your business. If we don’t save you time, you next renewal fee is on us.


2. We will respond to you within 24 hours

When you get in touch with us, we aim to come back to you within a day or less. If we come back to you over 24 hours, we will look at your request free of charge or rebate the fee.


3. You will receive excellent customer service

We pride ourselves on our high standard of client care. However, if we make an error, it won’t cost you a penny. We will rectify any mistakes at cost to ourselves and credit the original fee back to you.


4. You will see a return on investment

We will deliver a positive return on investment as we work with you. If you don’t experience a gain, we will work for free until you do.



Who We Help

Business owners, regional firms and manufacturers have outsourced their insurance needs to us since 2004.

Whether you’re a marketing agency or a supermarket, university or accountancy firm, we can help.


How Much Should You Outsource?

Hire us to manage your insurance and risk on a service package to best suit your needs, based on the stage your business is at right now. And flex that level as your needs change. Services range from audits of cover; through arranging and negotiating covers on your behalf; day to day management of policies; supplier and customer risks; up to site days and attending board meetings for regular updates on risk and insurance.

Using a direct writer for commercial insurance could leave you in a tight spot if you don’t fully understand the contents of the insurance contract and the technical terminology; and haven’t researched the financial stability of the insurer. Getting independent expert advice is a wise move.








Who is it for?

Ideal for new or lean businesses.

A selection of lower cost, pre-packed insurances.

Typically with insurance premiums below £1,000

Ideal for growing businesses with more complex risks to manage.

Typically with insurance premiums below £10,000

Ideal for larger or very complex businesses needing ongoing guidance.

Typically with insurance premiums above £10,000

How am I charged

Pay as you go basis

Annual service retainer from £1,000

Annual service retainer from £5,000

Risk reviews?

Review of business and associated risks

Full audit of risk and existing cover

Full audit of risk, excesses, claims record, profitability and existing cover

How many hours support are included?

Pay as you go

Minimum 15 hours credit included

Unlimited credit

How much is extra support?

From £30*

From £15*

Fully inclusive

Do you negotiate discounts for me?*

Not negotiated

50% share

100% rebated to you

Do I get claims support included from a loss adjuster working on my behalf?

5 hours free then capped at 10% of claim value

15 hours free then capped at 7% of claim value

20 hours free then capped at 3% of claim value

What guarantees do you give? *

1, 2 & 3

Can you do remote property valuation? *

£60 up to £750k property value

£40 up to £750k property value

Can you help me value business interruption?


Can you give me a basic assessment of my cyber risks?

Can you give me a detailed assessment of my cyber risks?


Will you help me calculate the correct excess levels?

Will you provide reports on my claims, risk trends and excesses?

Will you provide board briefing packs?

Will you provide training?

What We Provide

Risk and Insurance Audit – offering a 360 degree view of your business

Commercial Risk Strategy

Risk Management

Business Continuity Planning

Claims Champion

Insurance tenders

Insurance purchasing and management

Supplier, staff and customer contract review – can some of the risk be offloaded to them?

Client, supplier and staff query response

Consultancy to Board on risk and insurance



How We Earn Our Money And Save Yours

Our charging structure is upfront and transparent so you know exactly what you are paying for. No hidden earnings from suppliers means you are sure of unbiased independent advice. We save you money by doing part of a brokers job, efficiently, based on the time it takes, not scaled up to the size of your premium. Then we negotiate with the broker(s) to reduce their commissions or provide you with other discounts or incentives.



How It Works Day To Day

Just like sending invoices to an outsourced accountant, your staff, customers and suppliers send their insurance and risk queries to us. Simply forward your insurance@ email inbox to us and we’ll deal with it.

Need up-to-date insurance industry expertise? Ask us. Want an expert opinion on business risk that will satisfy your shareholders? We are here for you.



Find Out More

If you’d like to discuss how we could help, please contact us on 01795 890804 or



The Insurance Manager has saved us so much time, worry and money over the years that we have no hesitation in recommending them. They invariably go the extra mile and are a joy to work with.

George and Diana Pelly