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As outsourced business insurance specialists for the UK, we’ve been leading the field since 2004.




Our Story

Frustrated by commission targets, cross-selling, and answering to partner insurers, we decided there must be a better way to manage business risk. We started The Insurance Manager service so we could act as insurance buyers not brokers. Satisfied clients value our independent advice, efficient administration, and professional procurement.

We focus on their risk management and insurance purchasing, so they can concentrate on business.



What Outsourced Business Insurance Specialists Do

Interested in saving money and time? We help businesses with their risk portfolio. For us:

The client’s interests come first.

We integrate business risk, resilience, and insurance into an effective business safety net.

Over time good governance and risk management lead to reduced business risks, lower premium costs, and properly advised boards.


Meet The Team

Jane Chatterton

Jane brings her considerable and broad range of commercial insurance experiences to deliver the optimal structure of policy coverage to meet your needs.
With over 10 years’ experience in the industry Jane has the benefit of both large corporate and smaller service orientated businesses behind her.

Rhiannon Petty

Rhiannon focuses on combining insurance, business risk, and resilience planning into a complete solution. Her other specialisms include tenders and procurement.

Chartered Insurance Institute Diploma Holder (Dip CII)

Associate of the Chartered Management Institute (ACMI)


Experience of working in the insurance industry since 1994

Tony Needham

Tony specialises in bespoke insurance contract wordings and procurement. He makes sure the cover provided is the best fit for you, instead of fitting your business into the cover you have.

Chartered Insurance Institute Certificate Holder (Cert CII)

Insurance industry experience since the 1990s

Corporate Responsibility


Proud to Support

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust fundraising initiatives.

Scuba Diving for All - enabling those with extreme disabilities to experience the exhilarating sport of scuba diving.



Volunteering / Reduced Rates

Every year we undertake pro bono work for charities. Our quota for this year is currently full.



Get In Touch

Looking for experienced outsourced business insurance specialists in the UK? We’d be delighted to discuss how we can help. Just call us on 01795 890804 or email support@theinsurancemanager.co.uk



They provide enormous peace of mind. An expert in the field, always available – with your interests always their priority. It’s a luxury one could never afford on the payroll of a small charity like ours.

I am confident our residents are safer and their environment more protected than ever before. The business is more secure and I have one less hat to wear!

Anne Shields, Chief Executive