Terms and Conditions

Cost of additional support

If you are a pay as you go Aptitude or Agility client, we will record time taken for work required over and above your included hourly credits. For a guide, we usually anticipate the costs for common activities being as follows:




£50 fee for new client set up

Within your credit limit


£30 fee for renewal

Within your credit limit or £25


£50 fee for rebroking

Within your credit limit or £25


£30 for permanent mid-term changes

Within your credit limit or £25


£50 for temporary mid-term changes including reverting cover to original basis

Within your credit limit or £30



Guarantee terms and conditions:

Guarantees apply as specified by the type of service provision chosen.

In order to benefit from our guarantee (s), you will need to:

  • Respond to questions in good time
  • Provide us with all information we need and ask for within deadline
  • Take our advice on cover
  • Fully declare all information and activity from the outset

Please note, there will be exclusions where:

  • The previous cover is found to be inadequate or additional policy costs need to be rectified to bring cover up to acceptable levels, these extra costs will not be taken into account on any return on investment.


Negotiated discount and savings conditions

For eligible Agility and Accelerate clients, we will endeavour to negotiate discounts with suppliers and intermediaries on your behalf. These may include brokers agreeing to waive transactional fees, reducing their commission earnings, replacing commissions with a reduced fee, offering you a profit share, reductions in direct debit interest rates or other similar benefits.

The benefits of these negotiations we conduct with insurers or brokers on your behalf will be shared / paid over to you in line with the service proposition you have chosen up to maximum of the retainer fee you pay us.  Any savings above the retainer fee will be shared equally between The Insurance Manager Ltd and you.


Property Valuation Conditions

Desk top, remote property valuations are available for standard construction residential or commercial buildings which are not listed, and would have no restrictions in access for rebuild purposes.

All data requested must be provided

Valuation provided will be a range based on RICS data of rebuilding costs.

Maximum building value applies

If your property does not meet the conditions, we may be able to provide a site survey through a RICS certified third party at preferential rates as an alternative.